What kind of service do you provide?

I am a professional companion, and just that. I don't like to refer to my work as a service.. I provide an experience. I give the opportunity to those that due to whatever their circumstance is, a chance to enjoy the company of an intelligent, fabulous, and fascinating (might I add humble? haha) young lady. Each experience is different with each person I meet, as I attempt to create genuine bonds/connections with every individual. I enjoy both private and social outings. Gratuity is for time and companionship only.

What can I expect from you when we meet?

For starters.. you should know that I am always a little nervous, but mostly excited when I first meet someone new- but don't worry, the nerves fade quick. I'm a go with the flow kind of gal. I don't have an agenda, a checklist of things to do during our time together; I just let things unravel naturally. Lets relax and enjoy each others company. I'm positive that by the end of our time together, you'll have a big dumb grin on your face & already looking forward to the next time we meet. :)

I’m not comfortable sharing my info with you. Ccan you screen me in person, or over the phone?

No.  I do not feel safe meeting anonymous strangers from the internet that may or may not show up, nor do I have the time or desire. I am email only. 

Before we meet I require an email/or completed booking form request with all the requested screening info.

I have worked hard to build and maintain a stellar reputation in this industry over the years, and I plan to keep it that way. If you aren't comfortable with my screening routine, then we will not be compatible.

How long do you take to respond to emails?

Unless I am traveling, I usually respond to emails within 24 hours or less. I don't respond to emails/booking requests that are vague, vulgar, brief, incomplete, or last minute. Screening can take time, especially when contacting another provider. More than likely, I won't be able to accommodate you on short notice. 

Do you take outfit requests?

Sure! As long as it is appropriate for the occasion/location/time of day. If I don't have a specific outfit you have in mind, you can send me a gift card so that I can purchase it, or you are welcome to bring it for me to model for you.

Where can we meet?

At this time I am only offering outcall dates (where I come to you).

Do you tour?

Due to the current state of the world and COVID-19, I do not tour. I may or may not decide to see a select few during my private/personal travels, but it is not common or often. Do not despair, I am available for private travel & fly me to you dates! 

Do you see couples/women?

I prefer to see people one on one, but from time to time I enjoy a ménage à trois. If you and your partner think we would have good chemistry, I encourage you to shoot me an email! Both parties must be screened. I adore women, and am also happy to meet with females individually.


Do you offer duos?

I currently do not have any go to friends. If there is another companion that you'd like to see me with that I am not already acquainted with, feel free to inquire about possibilities & what can be worked out.


Do you have any reviews?

I have a NO REVIEW POLICY. My encounters vary from person to person. Our experience may not go the same as one I had with another individual. My ideal client is not a major hobbyist, understands that I am a human being & not a robot, and respects privacy.


Any pet peeves I should know about?

I feel its pretty common sense, but excellent personal hygiene is a must!
Don't ask me anything invasive or too personal. Being overly intoxicated on any sort of substance is a no-no. I'm not very good at hiding it when I'm irritated or upset. Please be respectful of my boundaries. Any behavior that causes me to feel disrespected, uncomfortable, or unsafe will result into termination of our time together. No refunds.


Can I use you as a reference?



Can you refer me to any of your friends?

Sure! I'd be happy to recommend some of my favorite Seattle based babes to you! Keep in mind: I'd only refer clients I deem safe to my friends, as I'd only refer you to companions I see as reputable/trusted.