Some Kind Words From A Few Friends...

"Just wanted express my thanks and admiration for last night. You navigated my nervousness wonderfully, and made me feel very comfortable. I feel like I chose well, and you can bet I'd be seeing you again soon if I lived closer. Even if we never cross paths again, though, know that I'll have a big, dumb grin on my face whenever I think of you." -J.B.

"It's an understatement to say her pictures are accurate. Look at her photo shoot series. They aren't a glammed up version of her, they are identical to the person who walks through the door. She is incredibly cute, and has a gorgeous body."

"She is a true artist in every facet of her interaction. Like a master chef, she melds a touch of beauty with a dash of cuteness, topped with a dollop of fashion sense and a pinch of daring. The aroma of her cooking has some deep complexity and interesting variability. " -BigSkyHawk

"Far beyond a physical release, it had been a long time since I have felt such passion or desire. I had forgotten what it felt like to “want” and to feel a connection (genuine or not) with another.
You are an incredibly beautiful soul. Love your laugh and that smile….the face of an angel, those eyes…not to mention that you are totally disarming in a skirt! LOL One glance at those crossed legs - totally powerless and I was under your spell whether you knew it or not. 

There is definitely more to you than meets the eyes however." -M.M.

"I'm glad I finally met the girl next door. Lyla is cute, sweet, and sexy, with smooth creamy complexion. Like a pretty rose." -Alfred E

"As I went to the door thinking about what I am going to do and say like when you prepare before you meet somebody you like but never talked to before. As soon as she opened the door all my plans and thoughts went out the window. “Come sit down with me” – she said. Her eyes with perfect wing-tip design (I think this is how it is called) made me completely speechless. She tried to chat but it was not working very well because after I saw her I was in total loss for words. I froze up like when you freeze up after your high-school crush says ‘hi’ to you. I was glad she took an initiative. For me an hour went by in one second."

LYLA REY 2019.